Example datasets

GSKY currently serves data collections such as:

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Geoscience Earth Observations, which include the following products of the Landsat 5, 7 and 8 satellite missions:

  • Surface reflectance (NBAR/NBART true and false colour)
  • Terrain corrected surface reflectance geometric median (geomedian)
  • Intertidal Extents Models (ITEM)
  • High and Low Tide Composites (HLTC)
  • Water Observations from Space (WOfS)
  • Sentinel 2 Analysis Ready Data
  • Multi-sensor (Landsat and Sentinel 2) surface reflectance (Beta)

GEOGLAM, the GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring initiative, which include the following products:

  • MODIS Total Vegetation Cover v3.1 (8-day and Monthly)
  • MODIS Total Vegetation Cover Anomaly v3.1 (Monthly)
  • MODIS Total Vegetation Cover Decile v3.1 (Monthly)
  • MODIS Vegetation Fractional Cover 8-day v3.1 (8-day and Monthly)
  • CHIRPS Precipitation v2.0 (Monthly)

You can browse and search NCI’s full collection by going to the Terria Map or National Map websites.

To view the DEA or GEOGLAM collections, click on Add Data -> My Data -> Add Web Data and enter the following URLs respectively:



For more in-depth tutorials, please visit the getting started section.

We are continually adding new datasets to GSKY. If you’re interested in publishing your own datasets to GSKY, please submit an enquiry to our data collections team via help@nci.org.au